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  • Why is this lucky shop? The reason is here!

    When the spring blooms, the appetite is wide open. However, the world is always difficult to choose from. MISS Beauty takes you to see what the magic of this popular auspicious shop is, which makes it so hot. Coordinates: As soon as Jixiang 馄饨 Nanjing Good Food City Store entered the food city, they saw the bright signboard “Xiuxiang 馄饨” at the meal.
    Release time: 2019-04-25 Clicks: 81

  • How to open a shop

    How to open a shop Joining the investment auspicious card can help you! Jixiang has a mature franchise model and business philosophy. It perfectly integrates traditional 馄饨 cuisine with modern fast-food management methods. It can quickly turn the table, and its ability to receive guests has increased exponentially. At the same time, Auspicious 馄饨 abandoned the old 馄饨 tedious production methods and made 馄饨 with modern craftsmanship.
    Release time: 2019-01-23 Click times: 110

  • How to join the shop

    馄饨 Because of its wide distribution, long history, and high popularity, it has become a viable category in Chinese food and beverage. Relying on the broad characteristics of the market with a long history, 馄饨 gave 馄饨 fast food attributes to make its consumption more stable and promote the stability of investment income of franchisees. Rich industry experience and successful operation experience of nearly a thousand single stores help the new store
    Release time: 2019-01-23 Clicks: 125

  • Auspicious blunt head office franchise phone

    Founded on the auspiciousness of the auspicious, it caused a lot of sensation after the market was launched. Many people often visit this brand store, not only can enjoy the delicious flavor and quality service, but also enjoy the comfortable experience in a cozy dining environment. Of course, the development of this free-chain brand in the market is very fast, and the franchise stores have already spread all over the country. At this time, those who want to join the investment are still
    Release time: 2019-01-20 Clicks: 121

  • How much is Jixiang 馄饨 joining hotline?

    For our entrepreneurs, such an affiliate project is extremely attractive, so how much is Auspicious affiliate hotline! Since the creation of this brand, the research and development of his taste and the innovation of production technology have been constantly changing and developing. Now he has been widely welcomed and affirmed by consumers, and has become a restaurant and food with potential for development. investment
    Release time: 2019-01-20 Clicks: 119

  • What are the franchise stores in 2019

    Ravioli is the traditional cuisine of our country. It has the beautiful image of reunion and plays an inestimable and important role in our daily life. Some investors want to join. Of course, before joining, you must know what are the franchise stores to join in 2019? After all, different brands will bring different profit development to investors, which is closely related to the future profit development. The following investors will be 20
    Release time: 2019-01-17 Clicks: 107

  • 馄饨 Affiliate stores to satisfy consumers

    Auspicious Franchise joined the headquarters to take franchise chain operation as the company's long-term development strategy and is committed to building high-quality chain brands. Auspicious Headquarters adheres to the business purpose of "Let franchisees profit and satisfy consumers", adheres to the corporate philosophy of "professional operation, optimized quality, innovative development", and sells specialty gourmet foods throughout the country, combining consumers' gourmet needs ,for
    Release time: 2019-01-17 Clicks: 114

  • 11.16——11.17 Auspicious 生 50% off fresh mad grab, don't miss it!

    Use simple ingredients to make delicious food. Stunning promotional information. Take photos on the day of the event + one letter on the door (50% off on auspicious food and fresh food, just two days !! Full of people, come on!) + Address link to share the circle of friends; enjoy a 10% discount or buy valuable gift packs auspicious friends who pay attention to the high-energy haunting ahead! Please sit tight and fasten your seat belt
    Release time: 2018-11-12 Hits: 49

  • The autumn wind rises, the crab feet itch, and the crab yellow cricket that will burst juice is on the market. If you miss it, wait for next year!

    Using simple ingredients to make delicious foods, they say, "Autumn wind rises, crab feet itch." In the fall, not only crab feet itch, but the heart of crabs also starts to itch. The crabs in this season have accumulated nutrients for a whole year. Eating crabs all the time is the most extravagant thing in autumn! !! !! Auspicious 馄饨 launches new product `` crab yellow 馄饨 '' infinitely close and retains pure autumn
    Release time: 2018-10-29 Clicks: 37

  • Play with autumn-auspicious new products listed to warm your stomach!

    Use simple ingredients to make delicious food. It ’s cold in the autumn and rain. You are cute and you are ready to prepare for the cold. All kinds of cool cold drinks in summer are no longer suitable for this season. The irresistible temptation auspicious 馄饨 new products on the market warmth, warm your stomach! The sea vegetable pork steamed dumplings are full of fillings, and the soup is full of juice when it sips.
    Release time: 2018-10-17 Clicks: 46

  • Jinan Harmony Store opened

    Congratulations to the opening of Jinan Harmony Store. Recently, the Jixiang Store located on the west side of Jinan Harmony Square in Quancheng has opened! Friends who live nearby have a mouthful! Remember to eat early ... Late in line to wait. &
    Release time: 2018-09-06 Clicks: 59

  • Auspicious

    Join the peak season, please call 4009638186 for details.
    Release time: 2018-08-31 Click times: 54

  • There are thousands of foods, and I love the egg yolks!

    There are thousands of foods, and I love the egg yolks! Shen Jialu, who uses simple ingredients to make delicious food, said: The status of siu mai in Shanghai has always been awkward. Zhou Youjun said: In Tongxiang, no matter how the gourmet rivers and rivers flourish, this siumai always has its place. So, where are all the delicious roasted wheat? Xiao Ji personal test for the friends! Evaluation Dimensions Skin: Skin cannot be thick,
    Release time: 2018-07-04 Clicks: 46

  • Teach you to open a good business

    Now, consumers ’love for 馄饨 is increasing! Therefore, it is a wise choice for entrepreneurs to choose 馄饨 franchise stores to start a business! With the increasing attention of consumers to 店 franchise stores, it ’s important For entrepreneurs, in order to better build the success of the store, in order to create profit for the franchise store, the entrepreneur needs to master the
    Release time: 2018-03-30 Clicks: 109

  • It's not cold in the winter: 6,000 sales at the end of the year

    "Today I booked a salamander for 6,000 people with the headquarters, and it was sold out around 7 pm." Said Zhang, the franchise store owner. After dinner, the franchise store is still full. Since late winter, the weather has become increasingly cold. For people living in the north, a bowl of hot fragrant coriander is the warmest cure. "Fortunately
    Release time: 2018-03-29 Clicks: 116

  • Home taste 家 franchise policy

    With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher requirements for dietary consumption, and the taste of home has created warmth with fashion. The taste of home is so cozy, the taste buds of every moment are enjoyed! The taste of home is joined, the business opportunities are unlimited. 馄饨 The taste of joining the franchise 权益 The rights and interests of franchising agents: ◎ The agent has the right to issue in the agency area
    Release time: 2018-03-29 Clicks: 111

  • How about Jixiang 馄饨 joining? [Project Investment] Detailed Analysis

    Joining Jixiang is the best way to join now. It restores the original flavor of dumplings, thin skin Q bombs, and whole grains are hand-packaged to retain the original flavor. It is naturally unique with other staple foods and porridge, creating wealth. no limit. Advantages of joining 1. Low investment, low threshold, zero burden, monthly income of 13,800 yuan, operating multiple channels to save money, and more points detonating the market. Bustling business
    Release time: 2018-03-28 Click times: 148

  • A northern woman opened a shop in quicksand

    A northern woman opened a shop in Liusha, north of the village, at 11am-8pm, Nanpingli, Liusha, in the alley diagonally opposite the Bank of China, East Gate of the Overseas Chinese Hospital. Her majesty is actually behind the third middle school. Very talkative, she is doing it alone, so there is no takeaway, if you go early, sometimes you will watch
    Release time: 2018-03-25 Click times: 143

  • What to do if you want to develop a chain in the late Taiyuan Kailuan store

    [Entrepreneur in the restaurant industry Wang Yuanxun] Q: I want to open a shop in Taiyuan, 20-30 square meters, and I want to develop a chain in the later period. I would like to ask 1. Processing and production: This is a good place to store, or you need to find another place to process it separately. Looking for employees to do it yourself or outsourcing? 2. What should be paid attention to before the first store opens? 3. How about the later development of this project, such as
    Release time: 2018-03-24 Click times: 109

  • Xiaobian wants to resign! Go to the shop

    Xiaobian wants to resign! Open the shop to release the latest discount information every day, food, entertainment, leisure, life services all in one go! Save money from Tong Tuan! So many delicious and beautiful 馄饨 is in front of you, would you not want to eat it? I. Butterfly Steamed Dumpling (You will be handsome if you learn!) Ingredients: 200 grams of flour, 100 grams of boiling water, 150 grams of meat filling
    Release time: 2018-03-22 Clicks: 117

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