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  • 25 yuan 20 spicy crayfish, delicious skr people!

    25 yuan 20 spicy crayfish, delicious skr people! What's your first reaction when it comes to "summer"? As a foodie, it is natural that the crawfish season is finally here! No one can help but take a bite of crayfish and scrape a red taste bud on the streets and alleys of the city to seduce the spicy and delicious taste that makes you want to stop! After all the calls, the auspicious scent is spicy
    Release time: 2018-08-03 Click times: 71

  • Auspicious flavor 丨 Baby Xiangyun takes you to taste the taste of summer, the sea breeze sunrise, this season

    Auspicious flavor 丨 Baby Xiangyun takes you to taste the taste of summer, the sea breeze sunrise, all original in this season: auspicious, sunny, good summer, sea breeze blowing white waves, sunrise and moon rising, and baby Xiangyun ’s summer small class At this moment, the fish and shrimp are officially launched. The fish and shrimp are delicious, the weather is bright, and the sea breeze is blowing. See the sun coming out and enjoy the fish with Xiaoji.
    Release time: 2018-08-03 Click times: 55

  • Lucky brand introduction

    Sweep the most delicious food with the simplest ingredients, follow us for more discount information
    Release time: 2018-07-18 Hits: 64

  • Join the auspicious card and realize the value of life!

    Under the tremendous pressure of today's society, many young people are facing unemployment when they graduate, and even if they find a job, they do not get a decent income. However, the pressure for family formation that followed was even worse. Various mortgage and car loan problems have come one after another. In this case, many people choose to start a business, but are struggling to find a suitable investment
    Release time: 2018-03-27 Click times: 151

  • How about joining the museum? How to run a restaurant?

    Today, fast food has become a diet that more and more consumers rely on. Chinese fast food in particular has broad prospects for development and its profits are also very objective. Choosing to open a Chinese fast food restaurant is a good investment for most entrepreneurs. Take Kailuan as an example, let's talk about how to successfully run a fast food restaurant. 1.Selection of fast food varieties
    Release time: 2018-03-27 Clicks: 153

  • Auspicious and unique way to open up the takeaway market

    Although it's cold winter, the auspicious chefs in the franchise store are not as busy as the peak season. The number of daily take-out orders is soft. For young people, when the weather is cold, the whole life is taken away. Returning home after a day of work, blowing air conditioning and eating takeaway is the biggest enjoyment. But ravioli is different from other foods.
    Release time: 2018-01-29 Click times: 157

  • Join auspicious card, flexible operation and easy earning

    With the changes in the catering market demand and industry structure, "small and beautiful" gradually replaced large catering stores, becoming a new trend and new fashion in catering. Accurately subdivided catering categories such as Jixiangya are increasingly popular. But at the same time, many entrepreneurs have questioned whether it is really possible to make money by opening the Jixiang Pavilion. The answer from Jixiang 馄饨 joining the chain is, yes! In good taste, good quality
    Release time: 2018-01-22 Click times: 926

  • The real auspicious magpies have never just been talked about!

    Take a bite of what you see, what you see is what you get, continue to innovate, break the routine, return to classic auspicious, and eat with confidence and peace of mind
    Release time: 2018-01-16 Click times: 907

  • Grassroots chef chooses Auspicious to join, turn over and become the boss

    Many people now choose to start a business in order to gain more wealth and realize the value of life. However, entrepreneurship is also risky. How can we avoid entrepreneurial detours? Let ’s take a look at the entrepreneurial story of Mr. Li Jinan Jixiang Jiu! His name is Li Kai, a native of Kunming, Yunnan. "I came to Jinan from my hometown at the age of 15. It has been almost 20 years now." Using himself
    Release time: 2018-01-11 Click times: 117

  • Auspicious × Are you hungry 丨 See this auspicious oblivion? Wang Wu eats it in one bite

    It's almost time for Hanlaishu to unknowingly linger around for a year. From 17 to 18, warming my heart is a bowl of hot soup with a soft noodle that wraps the soft time. The true flavor of Jinan Jixiang is joined by time. Surprisingly fragrant and warmed by the sun to the collection of the caring people, the same is always auspicious in all beautiful
    Release time: 2018-01-10 Click times: 116

  • There are beginnings and ends, craftsmen! Damn!

    Big history, little craftsman. Choose one thing for life. "I am repairing cultural relics in the Forbidden City" some time ago, a documentary that portrayed the craftsmen of the Forbidden City-"I am repairing cultural relics in the Forbidden City" became popular at station B. This documentary just records the paintings, paintings, wood, ceramics, The restoration process of rare and precious cultural relics in the fields of lacquer ware, treasure inlaying, court weaving and embroidery, and the life of the restorer
    Release time: 2017-12-27 Clicks: 91

  • [No meat and no holidays] The auspicious meat season is coming !!! Seduce your appetite and tease your taste !!!

    Yehu! May Day holiday is coming! Are you still worried about leaving friends and relatives, and sister-in-law on a date? In those years, a large inventory of auspicious meats on the table! Let me seduce your saliva and tease your appetite! The pure meat pupa selects high-quality pork, with moderate fatness, thick and delicate meat, and the wrapped pupa is so tender and smooth. This one
    Release time: 2017-12-22 Clicks: 110

  • Teach you how to cook steamed vegetables, delicious to burst, not heavy for a month!

    Jinan Jixiang Jiu joined you to teach you how to cook steamed vegetables, delicious to burst, not a heavy month! Yuba vermicelli steamed / ingredients / yuba, vermicelli, minced meat, garlic, cooking wine, salt and white pepper, chopped pepper, raw soaked in proper amount / step / 1, soak vermicelli in water to soften 2, soak vermicelli in warm water until soft3, Minced pork and garlic
    Release time: 2017-12-21 Clicks: 99

  • 5 new ways to eat crickets Dumplings also work!

    1. [Mixed sesame sauce] Ingredients: 2 pork bones, 1 chicken rack, frozen ravioli, noodles, white wine, salt, onion ginger, shrimp, ham, rape. Practice: 1. After the pork bones and chicken rack are cleaned, Rinse twice with boiling water to remove impurities and dirt, and rinse with water. 2. Put pork bones and chicken racks into the saucepan, add half a pot of water, put the onion ginger and a little white
    Release time: 2017-12-20 Clicks: 154

  • Don't dump leftover rice, just do it, it's 100 times delicious!

    Join the Jinan tea shop to give you some popular science: rice will be cooked too much if you accidentally throw it away, it is a pity to throw it away, it is not good to continue eating, and it is the best, simple and delicious, and no longer afraid of waste! Learn the following three kinds of fried rice, and the leftover rice can also counterattack gorgeously, and ensure that your family will boast you! Tofu vegetarian fried rice / ingredients / rice, tofu 25
    Release time: 2017-12-20 Clicks: 103

  • Do you know the restaurant management after joining the kitchen?

    馄饨 has become a modern type of cuisine. The management of the back kitchen of the restaurant is related to the operation of the entire catering, and how to learn how to manage the back restaurant has become a major goal of its success. Let ’s take a look at the management methods of the restaurant after joining the restaurant to avoid various problems after joining the restaurant. Can judge the quality of the chef through the dishes from the kitchen. Imagine if
    Release time: 2017-12-19 Click times: 115

  • Lucky auspicious stuffing skills?

    Ravioli is a traditional cuisine in China, but many people who have just learned to baggage will have a problem that they will have water. It turned out to be a pot of porridge. How to keep the stuffing out of the water. Join us to share how to make your frameless. Shred and dry the vegetables, put them into the pot, and pour in cooking oil. The vegetables are covered with an oil film.
    Release time: 2017-12-19 Click times: 919

  • 馄饨 This kind of bag is delicious and not broken, I can eat 50 in one meal!

    馄饨 As a good food for all ages, it is delicious and easy to use. The package method is also full of tricks. Come and learn, the common package method of 馄饨 cat ears 馄饨, which is beautiful, is characterized by thin skin and large filling. Method 1: Step 1: First prepare the meat filling and place it in the middle of the crust. Step 2: Fold the sharp corners in half and stick them tightly. Step 3: Fold the corners of the two sides inward with your fingers.
    Release time: 2017-12-11 Click times: 122

  • Your parcel has been delivered by the delivery person, please check it carefully

    In our auspicious micro-mall, there are several very popular cards. Many repeat customers have also given high praise to this, and the actual action of repurchasing again and again illustrates the auspiciousness in our micro-mall for sale.馄饨 is really popular! !! !! I joined the shop to make statistics. Fresh cabbage meat, shrimp fresh meat, meat San Xian, vegetarian San Xian, etc. have the highest recent repurchase rate.
    Release time: 2017-12-05 Clicks: 120

  • Quality of conscience, auspiciousness joined, absolutely authentic

    In recent years, consumers have been worried about food issues. Therefore, catering entrepreneurs must also consider the health of the product when choosing a catering franchise project. As a well-known brand, Jixiang 馄饨 joins chain brands, selects ingredients, and uses standard craftsmanship, and always stands on the same front with consumers. The Jixiang Group headquarters has been strictly implementing and enforcing national food safety regulations.
    Release time: 2017-12-05 Clicks: 118

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